Who we are

Photo of karate class students wearing gis and preparing to kick

Thank you for visiting our page! At Kyokushin of Port Saint Lucie, we specialize in a complete and unique style of Japanese Martial Arts called Kyokushin pronounced (Key-o-ku-shin) which means “the ultimate truth.” Nothing is achieved in life without sacrifice and discipline and you will find both within the walls of our dojo. We guide each student to excel in self-discipline and overall self-improvement.

​While our training is rigorous for all ages, we tailor each class to match the students’ ages and experience.  Our number one priority is our students, not their checkbooks. From the moment our students first enter the doors of the dojo, they begin learning and each time they leave you will see physical and mental improvement, especially children lacking in confidence and focus.

​Karate was developed over a thousand years ago as a form of unarmed combat.  Today, karate is a tool for success helping students to increase alertness, awareness and confidence.  It also helps condition the body physically improving speed, strength and coordination.

​Our dojo hosts local annual karate tournaments and competes in out-of-state competitions as well.  Tournaments are important to test your skills and build your confidence.  We participate in training seminars hosted in the US and our Japanese headquarters in Honbu, Japan.

​Again, thank you for stopping by to see our website.  Feel free to check out our dojo and bring your kids in for one free day (Either Monday’s or Wednesday’s) to see if they would enjoy being part of our family.  Our best advertisement is and always has been word of mouth referrals from happy students and their families.  We hope to see you soon.  Osu!