Sensei Omar Campora

Portrait of Sensei Omar in gi

5th Dan, President 

Karate Instructor

Sensei Omar Campora is a fifth-degree black belt in Kyokushin Kan Karate.  Sensei Omar started training at the age of 12 in Uruguay, South America. At that time 12 years old was the minimum age required to practice Kyokushin due to its rigorous training, he trained for 9 years.  After emigrating to the US in 1991 Sensei Omar received his Black Belt in 2006 under the Kyokushin Kan Organization, in 2008 he was awarded his second-degree Black belt (Nidan) and in 2013 he was awarded his third-degree black belt under the direction of Shihan Ishijima from Japan Main Honbu. In 2018 he was awarded his fourth-degree black belt under the direction of Shihan Hamid Asna-Ashari from Canada and Shihan Tom Callahan from the USA. In 2023, after participating in the annual summer camp in Tochigi prefecture, Japan, he was honored his fifth-degree black belt under the direction of Kaicho Hatsuo Royama, Kancho Okasaki Hiroto, Shihan Koyama Akio and Shihan Ishijima Masahide.

Sensei Omar opened his dojo in 2007 in the City of Port Saint Lucie and has been very active working with the community of Port St. Lucie and Fort Pierce. Under his direction, students have participated in several regional and out-of-state tournaments, all participants had great success in all competitions.

Sensei Omar strives to bring the latest in the world of the Martial Arts and have incorporated into the system various concepts from Jiu-Jitsu, weapons techniques, personal defense techniques, character development and leadership. In another note rest assure that we take safety very seriously and have created a SAFE ENVIRONMENT for all ages.